Party Cake

Sometimes you want to speed things up a bit and use a cake mix instead of making your own cake from scratch; this is a good cake to do this with.  What makes this cake delish is the icing, and what you put on top of the icing.  You can use any type of cake … Continue reading

Carrot Cake

It doesn’t have to be Easter to make a carrot cake, but Easter always reminds me to make one of my most favorite cakes!  This carrot cake is so moist because the coconut and pineapple in this recipe gives this cake so much moistness and so much yummyness!! lol    I love to see the carrot pieces in a carrot cake,, … Continue reading

Crown Jewel “Cake”

  This cake is based on a recipe that ran on the back of Jello boxes in the late 1950’s.   I made a Crown Jewel C ake while in home economics class in high school and I’ve often thought about it, but never made it again.  My memory of the cake we made then is not what the recipe presents below, … Continue reading