Toll House Walnut Pie

I love pie! I love the many different versions of pies.  I love how easy pies are to make, especially if you use a pre-made pie crust. You basically throw most ingredients into a bowl, mix and pour into your pie crust…how easy is that! I know some of you have never made a pie but don’t … Continue reading

Nestle’s Toll House Crumbcake

Quote from Nestle’s Toll House:  “A special treat for morning, noon or night.”  I have to agree with Toll House, this is a cook cake anytime.  If you like chocolate chip cookies, you’re going to love this recipe.  What makes this cake special is the softness of the cake, along with that chocolate cookie taste most of … Continue reading

Spooky Spiders

  As you can see below, my Halloween Spooky Spiders have red legs instead of black legs! I looked everywhere for black string licorice, but could not find it! Anyway, we make things work when we don’t have what a recipe calls for sometimes, even if you know it won’t look as good! They are still … Continue reading