Key Lime Cake

Recently I bought two bags of limes and two bags of lemons; the plan was to slice them and put them in my water bottle to make the water look more refreshing to drink (I’m not a fan of water).  The problem was, I put too much lime and too much lemon in the water; the water was … Continue reading

Key Lime Coolers

There’s something refreshing about lemons, limes and key limes in the summer time, they just make your mouth water when you think of biting into one  of them…see, your mouth is watering already!  I saw this cookie sometime ago and wrote the recipe down to make them when I had time, and every time I think of … Continue reading

Key Lime Pound Cake

Just saying the word key lime makes my mouth water!  If you like pound cakes, you have to try this recipe from Southern Living.  This pound cake is so moist, and so delicious, you’ll be adding it to one of your most favorite cake recipes.  The cake is soft and so moist, and you can taste the lime throughout … Continue reading