Chocolate Angel Food Cake

Digging through my archives and found a few things I’ve not had time to post.  Now that I’m on furlough because of what’s happened with our Government, I find I have some time to get a few things posted.  I hope to use this time catching up on a few things I’ve not had time … Continue reading

Vintage 1939 Boston Cream Pie

This Boston Cream Pie was given to me by Mary Martin Gillman, a member of a recipe group “Tried and True Recipes. ”  I was asking if anyone had the recipe for Boston Cream Pie, up to now, I had never made a Boston Cream Pie…ever!  How could I have let that happen! lol  Just … Continue reading

Vanilla Sunshine Cake

Here’s a cake I made recently for a going away party.  We currently had to say farewell to a co-woker named Sheila who is currently changing positions at the hospital.  She will be truly missed in our family practice department.  She brought a lot of sunshine to us, so I wanted to make a cake that would … Continue reading

White Wedding Cake

This is a really good white cake recipe.  It’s a perfect cake for a wedding cake, but can be used for other occasions as well.  The photo below is a one later example, but you can certainly do a 3-tier cake with this recipe.  The inside of this cake is purple and white zig zag…but I never saw … Continue reading

White Cake with Marshmallow Frosting

I’ve finally found a white cake I’ve been looking for!   This cake is as light as a boxed cake but from scratch; it’s so light you won’t need to search for another white cake…unless you want a heavy white cake from scratch.   Recently one of the doctors I work with asked what I was doing working … Continue reading

Silver and Gold Cake

Here’s an old recipe from the 1950’s cookbook called  “All About Home Baking and Cooking.”  This is a collection of recipes from the Ladies’ Aid Society of St. Paul’s Lutheran and Reformed Church from Adamstown, PA.  This cake most likely is from earlier than the 1950’s because it is from cooks and bakers from around … Continue reading

Paula Deen’s Volcano Cake

Blog followers…have you given up on me posting recipes?  There have been so many things going on that I’ve not had time to squeeze additional time out of my days…I’m so behind in posting!  This does NOT mean I’ve stopped baking.  In fact, I have so many things to post, you may get additional messages … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Pound Cake

If you’re looking for a very moist pound cake, you should try this recipe.  I love pound cakes, and I especially love how moist this pound cake is.  I know it’s not fall, but I still have a large bag of sweet potatoes…so, I’m thinking I need to make a few other recipes that call for sweet potatoes … Continue reading