4 thoughts on “Gulf Wildlife

    • Allthingsboys…they do! I have so many pictures to post as I love photography. Most of the photos posted are from an older camera I had at that time. I really need to update my pages…ohhhhh so many things to do and so little time! Now that I’m off work until mid-March, I should be able to do some updates to my pages. Your right, we do have such a diverse ecosystem for sure!


  1. Also must say, if your mother and grandmother utilized an oven heated with wood and coal, they must’ve been very skilled chefs! No wonder you’re so talented! Keep those recipes coming. Can’t wait to try the key lime pound cake!


    • Thanks Allthingboys! My grandmother passed away when I was young, but I still remember some very yummy goodies that came from that old coal stove. Some of my favorites were blackberry cobbler, fried pies and lemon pound cake drizzled with a white icing and all different colored ball sprinkles on top. I’m sure that’s where my love for baking came from…and my first cake that I made when I was 12. If you made the keylime pound cake I hope you enjoyed it.


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