Pumpkin Banana Pecan Bread

I know it’s been quite sometime since I have posted a recipe and I apologize it’s taken me this long. I have had quite a few medical issues and had to put my blog on the back burner temporarily. I bake for a farmer’s market and also had to stop baking for the market. I will be returning to the market Oct 6th 2018 and will be at the market every other week instead of every week as before.  I thank those of you who have stood by me during the time I was not able to be here. I hope to update my blog from time to time but not sure right now how often I’ll be able to post new recipes, but will do what I can to be here from time to time. Thank you so much for hanging in with me!


Here is a delicious bread I’ve had in my recipe file for as long as I can remember and not even sure how long I’ve had it or where I got the recipe from. This bread is very moist and easy to make and is great anytime of year but especially during October/November months. This bread is delicious warmed up with a little butter on it, but delicious sliced as is. The toasted pecans add so much extra flavor that non-toasted pecans do not. Either way they are both good but I prefer the pecans toasted prior to chopping. I usually toast my pecans at 350 for 10 minutes, let cool and then chop. I chop a few extra pecans to sprinkle on top after putting the batter in the pans.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. I have very favorable comments from those I have given the bread to…it’s a recipe I’ve waited too long to make again. Sometimes you have so many recipes you want to share and only so much time to type them up! lol  I hope you enjoy!


“Pumpkin Banana Pecan Bread” 






3 large eggs

1 and 1/2 cups granulated sugar

1 teaspoon “real” vanilla extract

1 cup butter (unsalted at room temperature) (2-sticks)

3 large ripe bananas

1 cup canned pumpkin

1 cup sour cream (room temp if possible)

5 cups all-purpose flour

1 Tablespoon baking soda

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon allspice

1/4 teaspoon salt (I use kosher salt but can use regular salt)

1 and 1/2 cups toasted pecans (toast at 350 F for 10 minutes, cool and chop)



Preheat oven to 350 F.  Cream butter, add granulated sugar and cream well. Add eggs one at a time until creamed well. Add vanilla and mix well. Mash bananas well or put in food processor then add pumpkin and mix till smooth. Add pumpkin/banana mixture to creamed butter mixture. Stir in sour cream. Sift dry ingredients together and add slowly to creamed mixture and mix till blended. Add chopped toasted pecans and sprinkle additional finely chopped toasted pecans on top.

Grease and flour 3 (8×5) loaf pans or two 9-inch pans. Fill each pan 1/2 full with batter. Bake in center of oven at 350 F for 50 to 60 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in middle comes out clean. Remove from oven and turn out on a wire rack and let cool.

* I usually bake in 2 (9-inch) baking pans and fill 3/4 full and sprinkle with additional finely chopped toasted pecans.

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  1. Wonderful surprise to see your post. Hopefully your medical issues will be resolved. Sorry you’ve experienced them.

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