Note to Followers

Here I am again, apologizing for not updating my blog as I should. 😦  I know I need to be here more often than I have been and I am going to try my best to update my blog at least once a week….did I say once a week!? lol  Anyway, that’s my goal for now. I have been so busy since I’ve become a vendor at the Foley Farmer’s Market in Foley, Alabama that I’ve neglected my blog….again. I have my errand day when I go to Sam’s for baking supplies and WalMart supplies and so forth, then church on Sundays, baking begins on Wednesday and I have one day that I call a ME day.  My ME day is when I get outdoors for exercise and take photos as I am also a photographer. I also sell photography at the farmer’s market along side my baked goods. Anyway, as I hope to update more often than I have been! Take care and have a Blessed Day! Rosetta

4 thoughts on “Note to Followers

  1. Rosetta ~ easy reply…”No problem”. It truly sounds like you have a busy life; a once a month blog would be fine also. If you have a thought about a blog to write …jot it down, save, and complete it later. Blessings.


    • Thanks for your message Kathleen! Here I am, not updating again. My intent is there, but there is always so much to do I can’t seem to update my blog anymore. All I can say is enjoy the recipes I’ve already posted.


  2. You can only do what time allows for you. I see how busy you are every day. I am looking forward to seeing new blogs!

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