Note to my Followers

I know it’s been quite sometime since I’ve posted a recipe, but I’ve had some personal issues that have taken priority over my blog.  I hope to be able to continue to post new recipes and keep things updated and fresh as I had before.  Thanks to all who have remained as my followers! I appreciate each and every one of you. ~hugs~  Rosetta

12 thoughts on “Note to my Followers

  1. Dear Rosetta ~ There is no need to explain not posting recipes. We all have personal issues that that can hit us. My mama uses to ask, “who through the clinker into the fire?” August 2011, I lost my husband of 47-yrs to cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. Somehow I made it through the first two years then fell apart. I pulled back from so many things included the important people in my life. September 2014, a friend called asking if I would like to have some fresh pears. Between the tow of us we pick over a bushel. I had not been doing any canning for several years. After the pears I hit the garden to do what I rescue the leftover vegetables . I was knee deep in making green tomato relish when I realized that I was laugh and singing ..almost dancing around the kitchen. It takes three hours to prepare vegetable for a double batch of this relish (not food processor). Next, it takes two hours to cook the relish before it is canned. This does not seem like work to me. That evening I called one of my daughters to say, “I feel like I have woke up from a very deep sleep. This has had to be was of the very best days have had in a very long time. Praise God.” I went on to can: soups, tomato sauce, ketchup, broths (beef, chicken, and vegetable), jellies, soups, apple sauce, pear sauce, pear halves and slices, pear honey and more. One of my newest creatures was Chili Base: one pint of chili base, 1/2 pound ground beef, chicken or pork (cooked), and a can of beans (opt). Home cooked instant chili for one to two people.
    Yes, my life turned around… it took around that day while I was canning green tomato relish. Please enjoy your life Rosetta and we in turn will find joy in your newsletter. Hugs ~ Kathleen


    • Oh wow, what a story Kathleen! We all got through difficult times because that’s the way life works sometimes, but, it’s up to each of us to be strong enough to make it through the storm. I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband of 47 years. 😦 I thank the Lord for seeing you through a very difficult time. I was so happy to read you pulled yourself out of the storm and found life again! My sister used to can a lot, but I’ve never canned, but hope to learn sometime this year. Thanks again for your wonderful message Kathleen, your message can inspire other’s to see that no matter how dark things can be sometime, there is always light at the end of the tunnel! ~hugs~ Rosetta


  2. I wish you strength to withstand whatever has come your way. With much encouragement I say all the best to you. Looking forward to your return.


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