Kaleidoscope Cake/Cupcakes

The Kaleidoscope Cake (name I gave this cake) is the same thing as  rainbow cake, the only difference is how the cake batter is put into the cake pan.  This is a very colorful cake and a fun cake to make but, it’s also a time-consuming cake to make; over-all, it is worth the reaction you get when you cut into the cake and see all the vivid colors inside!

I have made several rainbow cakes in the past for St. Patrick’s Day but usually they have been for my co-workers.  There was only one time that I made a rainbow cake (a large one) for a children’s birthday party, but,  I’ll have to say that I don’t think I’ll ever take the time to make another one…unless it’s for my grandchildren or for someone very special.  About 5 years ago, I made rainbow cake for a co-worker’s child, it was for a birthday party,  but adults would be there also.  While at the party, the adults were talking and we had our backs turned away from the cake and the birthday boy decided upon  himself to help himself to his cake…early!   So, as our backs were turned, the birthday boy (age 4), decided to take both hands and dig into the center of the cake …like he was digging into a dirt pile with his Tonka truck! lol  Needless to say never again, By-the-way, the corners of the cake were untouched, so…we had a very short-cake, but a good cake regardless!

I usually do not take the time to do a rainbow cake from scratch and the reason for this is because this cake is very time-consuming to make, and it’s time-consuming enough doing each layer with a cake mix.  Then you have to color each layer, bake each layer, assembling each layer and have to make lots of icing to go between the layers…So, use your favorite white or yellow cake mix, or if you have lots of time and lots of energy, go for using  your favorite scratch cake recipe!  The only cake mix I use in my rainbow cakes is Duncan Hines French Vanilla.  I would not use any other kind, unless you know the one you use is one you love.

I’ll give you the link from here for my rainbow cake directions, and the icing.  On this page I’ll post the Kaleidoscope cake that  I made for my co-workers tomorrow…and yes, I cut two pieces for the photo!!  I’ll put them back in…after-all, they know I’m a blogger and have to take a photo at home first.  Most of my rainbow cake photos have been taken at work and they are not the best pictures…but then I am not a professional photographer…but one day, one day maybe!!  Maybe when I retire and have the time to learn all about my camera more.  I have a Canon Rebel T1i….and even that is very outdated now! But it is an SLR camera and takes beautiful photos…so, one day I’ll up-grade, but it’s not in my budget right now.

So, here goes, the first cake is what I call a Kaleidoscope cake.  I started out with the idea of making rainbow cupcakes, but there were too many layers in each cupcake paper, that by the time I got to the top of the cupcake paper, the batter was so full in the cupcaper that I knew they were going to over-flow…and they did! So, I then decided to make a cake instead.   I had too much to do today, so I decided to do one layer, and it ended up looking like a Kaleidoscope cake!

To make this cake, follow the directions for the Rainbow Cake, same cake, but the only difference is how you put the batter in the pan.  You pour the batter into a greased and floured pan, one color at a time,  then the next color, and the next until all colors are in the pan.  As you pour each color into the pan, let the first layer spread out and then pour in the next color and let that color spread out. You will be doing a single layer, unless you want to do a double layer.  Do each layer the same, starting with the Violet and ending with the red:

Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and then Red.  If you plan on doing 7 layers, use the Indigo first. Once you have all your colors in the baking pan, take a toothpick and insert it in the middle, and draw lines all the way to the edge of the pan.  Keep doing this until you have gone all around the cake.

Cake Before Baking


 Cake After Baking





 Kaleidoscope Cupcakes

To make the cupcakes, put one color in at a time into your cupcake paper.  Experiment on doing one cucake FIRST.  The reason for his is you have 6 layers of batter to put in each cupcake paper.  You want to make sure it does not over-flow.  This takes a little getting used to, but it does take time to do.  You have to layer the colors one at a time.  Bake for about 17 to 18 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the centerof a cupcake comes out clean.




Recently I made another Kaleidoscope Cake so here is another cake with the colors inside before baking.


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