Savannah and Paula Deen

Sorry I’ve not posted in a few weeks… I was on vacation in Savannah, GA.  Savannah was my home for 35 years until I moved to Pensacola 6 years ago.  Even though Pensacola is beautiful, my heart belongs to Savannah!

The week before I left I made cookies to take to Savannah with me to give to family and friends, so with all the baking going on after work, there was no time to post anything!  My family was happy to have the cookies I brought and I was happy to make cookies for them!

Paula Deen lives in Savannah so I had to go to her restaurant “The Lady & Sons.”  I went for lunch one day and to dinner a few days later.  For lunch I had Paula Deen’s “Chicken Pot Pie.”  I’ve seen her make this on her show and was very pleased with the presentation as well as the delicious pot pie!  For dessert (and you all know how I love sweets) I had her “Pecan Pie” that was topped off with homemade whipped topping and topped off with a mint leaf and dusted with powdered sugar!  It was delicious!  My son Kris had baked Tilapia which looked great and he said it was delicious!  For dessert he had Cheesecake, topped off with whipped cream and topped with a mint leaf.  My daughter-n-law had the buffet which included an assortment of southern food to die for.  She had a choice of deserts with the buffet of one of peach cobbler, banana pudding or ooey gooey cake. 

The buffet included southern fried chicken, meat loaf, gravy, rice, mashed potatoes, butter beans, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, macaroni n’ cheese among other thing….and a salad bar…then the choice of the deserts.  My next visit back I had the buffet and it also included beef tips and a few other veg choices.  Oh, I forgot to say that when your seated, you are served a cheesy biscuit with a hoecake (similar to a pancake).  They have maple syrup on the table if you choose to top your hoecake with syrup.  The “Lady and Son’s restaurant is reasonably priced with the lunch buffet$15.99 and dinner buffet $17.99.  Her regular menu items are not as expensive as you would think.  We had lunch on the third floor and the next visit we had dinner at the bar…she was booked and we forgot to call ahead!  So, first come first serve if there is a spot!  It was much easier getting in at lunch.

My sister took be by Paula Deen’s home in Wilmington Island and it was beautiful.  Her home has that southern charm you would expect Paula Deen to have.  Her home is painted a light mint green and trimmed in white.  Her guest house is the same as her home only smaller and one level.  A beautiful home indeed.

The Lady & Son’s Chicken Pot Pie

The Lady & Son’s Tilapia


The Lady & Son’s Buffet


The Lady & Son’s Salad Bar


The Lady & Son’s Cheesy Biscuit and Hoecake

The Lady & Son’s Menu


The Lady & Son’s Cheesecake


The Lady & Son’s Pecan Pie


The Lady & Son’s Gift Shop


Paula Deen’s Home


Beautiful Savannah


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