Blueberry Basket-Weave Cake

I’ve posted this cake before, but I wanted to repost and show how it looks with a basket weave design.  This was my first attempt at decorating with a basket-weave design!  I love how the basket-weave looks on a cake, but was always afraid to attempt it.  I do like how it turned out, but it takes a lot of strength to pipe out the basket-weave design on the cake.  I like how it hides any imperfections you might have in a cake after it’s iced! lol
My next attempt in cake decorating will be a stencil cake…now that one looks fun, but very tricky!  This cake is the most yummy of all the cakes I make, and so easy.  You have to make sure your blueberries are thick enough before removing from the stove to cool.  Once cool, put them in the fridge to chill, this will help the juice to set up.  If you make the mistake of removing them from the stove before they get thick enough, and you chill them, and they are too runny…simply use a colander to drain some of the excess juice.  You can always thicken the juice later and add the blueberries back in.  You can also use the blueberries as they are, and keep the juice for pouring over ice cream! 
The icing on this cake is soooo creamy, and soooo easy to make!  The icing is not very sweet, it’s slightly sweet and very creamy.  It holds up well on a cake, it does not have to be refrigerated, although I like to refrigerate mine.  If you take it to a gathering, it will be perfect for the occasion, but I’d refrigerate any that’s left over.  The icing will freeze well also.
The icing on this cake is really white.  The lighting in my kitchen tends to make some white cakes take on a yellowish look…but this icing is snow-white.  Very pretty against the blueberry topping. 
Happy Cake Baking!
Mix and bake 1 recipe butter cake recipe (your favorite) or 1 boxed yellow cake and make according to package directions on box. Bake in 3 layers. Cool completely.
1 large container Cool Whip (thawed)
1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese (softened)
1/2 cup sifted powdered sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
Mix all icing ingredients together and spread between each layer of cooled cake. Spread on top also. When you ice the layers, make sure you ice each layer before putting the blueberries on. You can make a ridge or ring around each layer, this helps hold the blueberries inside the layers. You can use a piping bag for this, or cut the corner of a zip lock bag, filling the bag with icing and then make a ring by squeezing out the icing all around the edge in a circle.
Once the cake has been iced spoon the blueberries on top each section until you get to the top layer. Ice the entire cake and decorate if you want to get a little fancy (not required). Spoon blueberries on top last.
For the blueberry center and topping:

2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries
1 cup sugar
3 Tablespoons cornstarch
1/4 cup water
Cook over medium heat until it thickens, cool completely. I always make the blueberry topping before I bake my cake. By the time I’m done with the cake and icing, the blueberry filling is cool enough to put on cake.
* If you don’t want to make the blueberry topping, you can use a couple of cans of blueberry pie filling.
* This cake is just a good as a sheet cake. You can buy the boxed cake, and canned pie filling if you like and then it will be even easier to make!

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