Candy Cane n’ Oreo Christmas

If you want a dessert for a Christmas gathering where there are lots of people, and you want to make something fast, and something easy, this is it.  This dessert is made in a large punch bowl, but you can certainly cut the portions down and use a Trifle bowl instead.  There are no real measurements, just ingredients you put together.  You can use your imagination and make it anyway you like!  It’s very similar to my “Death by Chocolate” that ‘s also made in a large punch bowl.  A very colorful dessert to take to any Christmas Party!




1 (13 x 9 inch) pan of your favorite brownies

2 large boxes of chocolate pudding (not instant) (Cook pudding and cool)

1 teaspoon peppermint extract

2 large containers cool whip

1-2 bags Oreo’s (red center)

1 bag Peppermint Oreos (1/2 red and half white)

1 bag Heath bar crunch

1 bag peppermint pieces

1 small bag of candy canes




Break up your brownies (after they are cool) and

cover bottom of punch bowl, set the rest aside.

 Cook pudding as directions say on back of box and cool completly.

Add 1 teaspoon peppermixt extract to pudding.

Cover brownies with a layer of pudding.

Next cover pudding with a layer of cool whip.


Sprinkle peppermint pieces on top the cool whip.


Next sprinkle the Heathbar chunks over cool whip.


Break Christmas Oreos in chunks and place around

the top of the cool whip.


Next repeat process, top broken Oreos with broken

brownie pieces, then pudding, then cool whip again.

Once you get to the top, you want to end with a layer of cool whip.

Then decorate top with peppermint chucks, Oreos, Heathbar crunch

and Oreos broken in half and small candy canes. and Christmas sprinkles.

Once completed, refrigerate until ready to use.



* Hint:  If you do not have time to make your brownies, and cook your pudding, Sams sells large packs of brownies, and large cans of chocolate pudding.  Once things are assembled, no one will know you cut your time in half by buying these items instead of making them.  Then all you’ll have to do assemble the ingredients and decorate to your liking!

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Candy Cane n’ Oreo Christmas

  1. Awwww thanks Serena! The idea came to me when I was asked to do something for a Christmas gathering at work. It’s actually so much prettier in real than in the picture….dang, still trying to learn my camera I got last year for Christmas! lol If I was a pro, the pic would definitely show as pretty here as in real.


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