Pink Lozenger Cake (or Pink Mint Cake)

Pink Lozenger Cake (or Pink Mint Cake)


1 cup butter
3 cups sugar
5 eggs
4 cups flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch of salt
1/4 pound of Pink Lozengers
1-1/2 cups milk

1. Dissolve Pink Lozengers very lowly 1-1/2 cups milk 24 hours ahead of time in the refrigerator.
2. Sift together flour, baking powder, baking soda and pinch of salt and set aside until ready to use.
2. Cream butter until light yellow and slowly add sugar and cream well.
3. Add eggs one at a time and beat well.
4. Alternately add flour mixture and Pink Lozenger mixture to creamed mixture.
5. Add vanilla.

Bake in 3 greased and lightly floured 9” baking pans and bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until done.

****This cake was baked for a fund-raiser bake sale for Breast Cancer.

15 thoughts on “Pink Lozenger Cake (or Pink Mint Cake)

    • Gwen, they are little round thick candy that taste like mint, but not a strong mint taste. I have bought them at Walmart, drug stores. They may be in the wedding section but not sure. I get mine at a candy store in PA when we go north to visit family. I think I see them most in drug stores in the bagged candy section. I think the name of the cake makes people think it’s a pink mouth lozenger, but it’s not…it’s mint candy. This recipe is very old and the name is the original name for this cake. I started to call it Pink Mint Cake…but decided to keep the original name. I baked this for breast cancer awareness at the hospital to be sold by the slice, but they decided to auction the cake off. I think they got 75.00 for the cake. I wish the comment section had a place you can post a photo…I’d show you what the cake looked like and the mints. I have some mints now I could take a picture of for you to see.


  1. If they’re what I think they are, the mints are about 1/4″ thick, 1″ diameter, and the ones I find have 4 X’s in a line across the top. I find them periodically in grocery stores, but not all carry them. Yes, with the bagged candy. I know them as lozenges (no “r”). They make (at least made) white ones, as well, but they’re peppermint instead of wintergreen.

    My grandfather loved them, and so do I. I wish he was still alive–I’d love to make this cake for him.

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  2. I haven’t had this cake for years! It was one of my favorites as a child, my Aunt T would make me one every year for my Birthday, she has been gone for a long time and tomorrow is my birthday and I am attempting to make it for the first time. Wish me luck!


  3. Hi Rosetta,
    I have made this cake yearly for my husband for Valentines Day, and this year I was not able to find the candies to make it…so sad. I also use the candies soaked in the milk to make the icing…its the best. I sure hope I can find them in the future!


    • I have to get mine up north when I visit PA or have them sent to me by a family member. Come to think of it, I’ve not seen them in quite sometime either. Look for them in a store that sells nothing but candy…some of the candy stores that sell old school candy….maybe even Cracker Barrel. It’s a yummy cake…a heavy cake, but tasty. Love the icing also.


  4. I remember this cake when I was kid and watching my mom put the milk and candy mixture in the refrigerator. I grew up in PA and called the pink mints Canadian Mints. The recipe card has been lost for years. I am pretty happy I found this recipe again!


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